Sergio Gallardo
Sep 23, 2018

[BUG] Patients forget what they are doing

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Edited: Sep 23, 2018

Patients forget what they are doing, this is the new bug i had from last upgrade.

Patients are waiting for the hospital (sometimes in the waiting room, sometimes in any office, laboratory or hospital area, regardless of whether it is restricted or not) while the doctors are in the staff room resting and the rooms are empty (not only while the doctor rests, they can be like that for a whole shift),

I was following those patients who stayed static for days and days waiting for any analysis or physical revision, and even people who arrive at the hospital again go past them to the same tests. They are unlocked, although you force them to do the test manually or by changing the department one by one of all the patients that you see that are staying there without advancing their analysis. (Always counting that the Scopes are fine, since these at no time have the red triangle).

So the game becomes truly frustrating. I do not know if you already have awareness of this bug, but the truth is that it makes the game completely unplayable.

I also noticed that if the rooms where the buged characters are occupied, these will start to bug.

Thanks your for your dev. and i wait for your reply.

Illeris | Hans
Sep 23, 2018



Thank you for reaching out to us. We are currently trying to get this fixed as more players have been experiencing this as well. We are always trying to update the game to keep it as bugfree as possible.

If you have sent in an in-game bug report on this; Great, if not; Please do!

This will send us your savegame for us to look at, which will greatly help in finding the issue.

To be notified of new updates, please join our Discord server here (if you haven't already).


Sorry for the inconvenience and again, thank you for reaching out, it means a lot to us!

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  • Anthony France
    Mar 12, 2018

    I'm not sure what is causing it but I'm pretty sure there is some placement of an item that causes capacity to drop down to zero. It almost feels like I'm reaching a point where capacity is just calculated some other way but if it is whatever I'm doing isn't as obvious as it could be. I'm going to keep a closer eye on what I'm doing that seems to cause it.
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