May 4, 2018

Problems and suggestions, modes

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I have few issues:

1 When I click on a patient who is waiting in chairs it happens very often the game thinks I meant the chair. thats a bit annoying.

2 I cannot influence the critical patients treatment anymore. Like if somebody with a 16 status is waiting in chairs for a consult which will tell him to go to another clinic I cant do that no more and it takes ages. -> we need a triage nurse. every hospital and every private caretaker has a person who does it.

3 I d like to have 'game modes': first one is called 'basic' (or whatever) where the nurses and docs take care of patients them self and do it more or less automatic. second one would be 'realistic': (like I am no physician, but I know the actual workflow in an ER and at clinics cause I work closely with and in them.) A Patient comes through the front doors of the polyclinic, he gets checked by the triage nurse, if he looks kinda ill to the nurse, she will take vitals (gcs, temp, bp, puls, patients appearance), if not the nurse only ask what the current issue is and sorts the patient into a category. next patient will be seen by another nurse who takes blood and asks briefly about what happened and gets further vitals (12 lead ecg, short body inspection, asking for preexisting conditions, medication and allergies). Following that, as soon as time allows it, the patient gets seen by a physician/physicians assistant. What does he do: he/she does an h and p. patients history and physical examination. (he check all the vitals, reevaluates them, goes over the charts, checks blood tests and orders more specific ones if necessary and analyzes the ecg results). If the patient needs more test, the physician orders them, eg an x-ray, ct or mri. basic tests like an ultrasound of the belly are still doable (time wise) by the first physician. in other circumstances the first physician transfers the patient to the specialist and lets him care about the following tests eg the cardiac echo by the cardiologist....

Illeris | Hans
May 4, 2018

Hey there!


Thanks for writing to us, it's always great to get all the feedback there is! Definitely some great suggestions, and I will agree that it is currently bad that you can't prioritize patients with a really bad condition. Right now we're working on performance and bugfixing, but as soon as we're done with that and implementing new content again, I definitely feel that it should be in the game as soon as possible.


Thanks for reporting and thanks for using the forums here, that's always fun! :D

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