Dev Update [08.10.2017]

October 8, 2017

Departments are almost here!

Good evening/afternoon/morning Everyone!

It's been a while since we gave you guys a dev update, so we thought we'd put one together today. Departments are getting along nicely and we would like to present some of it to you today.


This is what is currently looks like. (Look, it's even night time!)

The screenshot still has a couple of placeholders, but you get the idea. You can create your own departments, consisting of rooms and employees. It's very important to think through your shift schedule, so that you have the right staff for the right times, in the right places.

There are still some mechanics that needs implementing, like how to control where the pasient should be forwarded at which times. This is something the player will have to set up themselves for each department.

If you have any questions regarding departments, we're more than happy to answer them!

Oh and we just released a patch for Hospitalize, featuring some fixes regarding saving & loading of milestones. You can check that out here

Now, we would really like to ask the ones of you who work/have worked or have experience with medicine, what kind of aspects or mechanics, diseases or treatments you would like to see in Hospitalize. Maybe something you can relate to or something you have experience with. Let us know and we're more than happy to look over them and see what we can do!

That's about it for now. Expect departments to hit the Experimental branch soon, where you will be able to test it before it's even released to the public! We're always super greatful to anyone who tests and reports issues, it helps a lot!

We'll see you next time!


Thank you!
- Illeris Team

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