Departments are almost ready!

November 10, 2017


To the Experimental Branch!

Hello everyone!

We’re now ready to let you guys have a go with the ‘Departments’ update!
We will launch it to the ‘Experimental branch’ so please keep in mind that, if you do decide to try it out, bugs will occur. 

You’re more than welcome to savor the experience for another time when it’s in its finished state, but for those of you who just can’t wait you'll be able to try out the 'Departments' update right now!

And with that, We STRONGLY recommend that, if you d


ecide to try out the ‘Experimental branch’, backup ALL your savegames and read the guidelines in the ‘Experimental branch’ section of the forums. If you then have any issues loading the game, delete the savegames folder and try again. That is if you have BACKED UP your savegames! :]

The ‘Experimental branch’ will be patched regularly following the next weeks. Everything associated with this will be posted in the ‘Experimental branch’ section of the forums, keep an eye on this.
Also, do keep in mind that this is just a first look at Departments. It will be updated with more content as we go along.
Spam us with bug reports and check the ‘Send Stats’ button and we’ll get cracking on fixing whatever there is you find! (Let’s face it, you won’t find anything)

- Illeris Team

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