Dev Update [26.11.2017]

November 29, 2017

Some info on 'Departments'!

Good evening Everyone,

'Departments' are almost ready and is nearing its official release! We've gotten tons of great and constructive feedback from players over at the 'Experimental Branch' and has helped us a lot! 

A quick overview:

  • You can create your own departments and set up what symptoms, treatments and which illnesses are handled there.

  • Every department have the option to add a Doctor and/or an Administrator as the head of that department. Different leaders give different bonuses.

  • This means that the all-new medical skills of that Head Doctor/Administrator will determine how that department plays out.

'Departments' is the biggest patch we have done and are eager to have every one of you try it out. We can't wait for release!

Thank you!
- Illeris Team




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