March 29, 2018


More fixes and adjustments! You'll find that most procedures run at more "realistic" speeds now. Tell us what you think!





  • Adjustments to multiple procedures:

    • Physical examination procedure.

    • Blowtest procedure.

    • Prickltest procedure.

    • Urinalysis procedure.

    • Blood analysis procedure.

    • X-ray procedure.

    • CT procedure

    • MRI procedure.

  • Adjustments to the skill levels of newly recruited Staff.

  • Decreased the timers of several tasks.

  • Decreased the time employees use before engaging in new tasks.

  • Minor adjustments & improvements++.


  • Fixed an issue causing the patient arrival area to stop the game.

  • Fixed an issue which caused some objects not to be used.

  • Fixed a memory leak.

Keep in mind that the in-game "Bug Report" tool is currently feeling a bit unstable at this point in time. We will try and have it fixed as soon as possible! In the meantime, keep using the forums to report any issues you may come across!

Thanks & Have fun!
- Illeris Team

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