April 11, 2018


Time for a new update! We're sure many of you will enjoy this one, as it features a highly requested feature: Sandbox Mode!

"I would also like to mention that I have pinned some posts to the general discussion forum regarding Departments and scopes. I'm sure it will be of help to those of you who feel like they could use a hand! :)"
- Illeris I Hans


New additions:

  • New feature: Sandbox Mode! (Unlimited money & no Milestones)

  • New illness: High Cholesterol.

  • New prescription: Statins.

  • Added "Phlebotomy Cart" for Nurses to collect samples in the wards. (Used in "Bloodanalysis at ward" & "Urinalysis at ward".)

  • Added the option to hide autosaves in the load game screen.


  • Nurses will now reject new patients when the Hospital's patient cap is reached.

  • Improvements to the task mechanics to avoid characters and objects getting stuck.

  • Interface improvements to Contracts.

  • Adjustments to pathfinding.

  • Optimization++.


  • Fixed a bug in the Emergency Consultation which caused the game to crash.

  • Fixed a bug which caused tasks in the wards to not get completed.

  • Fixed a bug which caused patients to not get referred to the wards.

  • Fixed a bug which caused patients' sprites to be rendered below the beds.

  • Fixed a bug which caused players to be able to discharge dead and/or struggling patients. (How cruel! D: )

  • Fixed a bug which caused the game to stop reacting to mouse input.

  • Fixed several minor bugs++.

And as always, we would like to thank everyone for the amazing feedback and all the bug reports, it means so much and helps more than you could ever imagine! (Probably...)

"We are continuing work on departments to keep making it better. We are currently focusing on making the system more intuitive, as well as giving the player more feedback as to what isn't working or what the player can do to improve their departments."
- Illeris I Thomas


Keep sending us those bug reports!

Thanks, and have fun!!
- Illeris Team

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