HOSPITALIZE v0.13.4.10

April 25, 2018


Another patch for Hospitalize, this time featuring a lot of improvements to departments, scopes and performance! (And of course a bunch of bugfixing!) Like last time, we've included some input from ourselves at the end of the changelog, give them a read!



New additions:

  • Added warning triangles to patients who are outside their designated department. (This will make it very obvious to see which patients are stuck in your hospital.)

    • If a triangle is pointing to a patient which is out of bounds, you can click the triangle to be taken to the corresponding patient.

    • Hovering over the triangle will show a brief description of the patient's situation.


  • Improvements to the patient schedule mechanic.

  • Employees now schedule departments for examinations and treatments during consultation.

  • Increased performance when constructing.

  • Increased performance when calculating shadows.

  • Increased performance while the 'hospital settings' window is open.

  • Performance++.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the milestone system from progressing.

  • Fixed an issue with the Pharmacy room.

  • Fixed an issue with the departments interface.

  • Fixed an issue which caused patients to arrive in the wrong department.

  • Fixed several typos.

  • Fixed a bug which caused the contract interface to stick around on the screen after completion.

  • Fixed a bug which caused employees to participate as patients during examinations and treatments.

  • Fixes to tasks when patients are hospitalized.

  • Fixed several issues which caused patients to not be transferred to other departments.

  • Fixed an issue which caused patients to receive tasks that are locked by Milestones.

  • Fixed an issue which caused newly received patients to get stuck in the first department.

  • Fixed a bug which caused the 'scopes' dropdown menu to reset when pressing the "space" key.

"We have located the source of many memory leaks which will be taken care of as soon as possible. We have improved the performance a lot lately, and will continue doing so going forward. This will make the game run more smoothly on most computers as well as preventing bugs related to memory.
- Illeris I Thomas

"We recently ran a poll in our Discord server and the results showed us that the majority of you would like to see more content as well as enhanced intuitiveness. We have a lot in store for this, but right now bugfixing and performance has the most priority. Thank you to all who voted! :D"
- Illeris I Hans

- Illeris Team

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