HOSPITALIZE v0.13.4.12

May 10, 2018



More and more polishing! With this update the game becomes much smoother even with bigger hospitals. There are also some new added features, be sure to read about them!

With this, we're getting closer and closer to the point where we would like to introduce some new content again. We found it was vital that we took care of bugs and performance issues before we embarked on any new additions. We're very excited to be able to develop some new content again!

But first, let's read the changelog for patch


New additions:

  • Added a warnings & errors overview to the department mechanics:

    • Error when a department is without any employees.

    • Error if a department is without any rooms.

    • Error if a department is missing scopes.

    • Warning if a manager slot is available, but unassigned.

    • Warning on scope troubles.


  • Increased the maximum room size from 200 squares to 1000 squares. (Yay!)

  • Increased performance when constructing.

  • Increased performance when calculating shadows.

  • Increased performance while the 'hospital settings' window is open.

  • Performance increase++.


  • Fixed a bug which caused the scope to malfunction.

  • Fixed several typos in the Tutorial.

  • Fixed a bug in the admission mechanics.

  • Fixed an issue regarding the "Autopsy" procedure.

  • Fixed several issues which caused patients to not be transferred to other departments.

  • Fixed an issue which caused patients to receive tasks that are locked by Milestones.

  • Fixed an issue which caused newly received patients to get stuck in the first department.

  • Fixed a bug which caused the 'scopes' dropdown menu to reset when pressing the "space" key.

  • Minor improvements++.

"Next week we're planning that v0.14 is going live on the Experimental Branch. This patch contains elements we're sure will be a lot of fun:

  • Room Assignment is getting improvements which makes it a lot easier and faster, as well as adding immidiate feedback to the player if rooms aren't working.

  • We're also opening our Steam Workshop for modding and user made content!"

- Illeris I Thomas

"We're excited to hear what you guys think about modding! Tell us in the comments! Also super excited to test all your creations when time is due!"
- Illeris I Hans

Thanks Everyone!
- Illeris Team

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