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July 1, 2018

The State of Hospitalize!

Greetings Everyone!

We would like to go over a little bit about what state both us and Hospitalize is in right now, so that you guys know exactly what page we are on at this point in time!

To start off, these last months our work has been quite impacted by the fact that we have been working on multiple fronts at the same time. It can lead to slower progress all in all, but is needed before any big changes can take place. We're starting to see it all "come together" and can focus on what we really want again.

Our programmer Cedric has updated the in-game bug report tool which is much more intuitive than before and will make it easier for us to localize and deal with bugs.

It's been a lot of fun to finally have been able to release modding (Yay!). This is something we have been wanting since the early days of Hospitalize, but did not really have the opportunity to before. More work still remains for some modding capabilities and we will keep a close eye on modding activity to be able to follow up loose ends.

Some have noticed that we have been working on improvements for Scopes in Departments. We did a poll in our Discord, asking what people thought was maybe not the best when it comes to Departments and it made it clear that some things can definitely be better. Working on this is priority right now.

Hope you all are as excited as we are and that you keep supporting us like always. You are tremendously helpful and awesome!

If you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord[], or simply put them below!

- Illeris Team

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